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Individualised dietary planning and nutritional support for clients in an outpatient or community setting, including recommendations and/or provision of supplements to assist clients who are not able to meet their nutritional requirements through oral intake alone.

  • Individualised dietary planning
  • Nutritional support for clients
  • Recommendations of supplements
  • Provision of supplements
  • Nutrition counselling and education
  • Diet analysis
  • Nutrition education workshops for Corporate businesses, Schools, Nursing homes and care facilities
  • A range of diets tailored to clients who have Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes (Type I, Type II, gestational and pre-diabetes), Food-related allergies and intolerances, Gastrointestinal or bowel issues, General healthy eating, Malnutrition, Overweight and obesity, Renal disease, Wounds and pressure injuries

Clara Chan, Accredited Practising Dietitian
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Hons)

Clara is our Dietetic Consultant with experience in both the hospital and community settings. Her specialty areas include diabetes, heart disease, obesity, malnutrition and food intolerances.

Clara has previously worked closely with multicultural communities in promoting good nutrition and lifestyle habits. She understands that everybody is different and has different needs, and strives to provide advice that is tailored to the individual.

"I offer evidence-based nutrition support in accordance to the nutrition standards across Western Australia to optimise my clients’ health, nutritional status and quality of life.”

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